There are some days when the days get monotonous and we are surrounded by boredom. As we all have heard that music is the best therapy to get over any kind of negativity, Whether it is listening to good music or singing, it gives us relief. So here are 7BEST X-BOX 360 SINGING GAMES OF 2021.

There is always a fantasy that all people had of an open stage, a crowd cheering your name and singing your heart out. For 1 year, we are surrounded by this fatal pandemic, So we got the remedy to overcome this pandemic boredom and feel relaxed. Considering the taste of the masses and their preferences, a Plethora of singing games serving the taste of the masses.

So let’s look at the best X Box 360 singing games of 2021.

1.Rock Band 3: As it is very clear from the name that how it serves rock music to the listeners.

It was originally developed in 2010 by Harmonix and the game has undergone several modifications to be on the list of best singing games for X Box 360.

The latest addition that has been added to this existing structure is advanced play mode. In this game, the players get to live their fantasy of live rock performance and see the evolution of rock music that how it emerged and made the place. All the musical instruments have been provided by this game, that one needs to use in their performance. The levels of expertise of the performers go from beginners to moderate.

2.Guitar Hero Smash Hits: Guitar Hero smash hits is a music rhythm game and the game was developed by Beenox, Published by Activision, and distributed by RedOctane for the release on the play station 2, play station 3, Wii, and X Box 360 system and was released around the world in June 2009. All the 48 songs in the game are master recordings of songs previously featured in the first five published games of the Guitar Hero Smash series. Smash hit also includes all the game modes present in the World tour including single-player and band career modes, and the eight-player “ Battle Of The Band” mode. Smash hits includes Music Studio creation mode and is compatible with the “ GH Tunes” custom songs sharing service present in World Tour and Metallica.

3.Lips: Party Classic: It is a Karaoke video game for Xbox 360 and the game was developed by iNiS and published by Microsoft Game Studios. If you are exhausted of this pandemic situation and since there no public gatherings are allowed and no clubs are opened, So if you want to do a party just switch to this game, This will the best option to get relaxed. This includes the best songs of all time and won’t let you sit, It will make your feet dancing and enjoy every beat. The game was praised and appreciated for having a strong playlist, but also criticized for a lack of novelties.

4.The Voice: I Want You: If you are a music maniac and desperately want to be on some show to show your singing skills and sing your heart out, Then this would be the best game for you to try. All the famous TV shows have been brought to you by this game. You can enter a TV show from blind auditions to the actual battleground. If you keep going to the best, then you can get the ticket to the finale. It also gives you chance to improve your singing skills and it also assists the players with guidance through the instruction of breathing regulation. This is probably the best game of X Box 360 Games.

5.Def Jem Rapster: If you are crazy about hip-hop then this karaoke got everything for you. Def Jem Rapster captures the essence of what hip-hop is all about and gives you swag and it is a music video game based on rapping. It is developed by 4mm Game and Terminal Reality. The game uses radio versions of all its tracks to secure a “ Teen” rating by the ESRB. Rapster is the only music game that focuses exclusively on hip-hop. It will make you able to make hip-hop music and compete with others. It consists of hit hip hops more than 40 songs. What you need to do is record your video with a camera and upload it to the Def Jem Rapster community.

6.Disney Sing It: If you are a great fan of Disney stars and want to sing along then this game has got everything for you. It’s the second game in the Disney Sing It series after High School music: Sing It! The game features 35 songs from Disney-affiliated artists and Disney channel production like Hannah Montana, Aly & AJ, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas brothers. This platform allows you to sing it out by using your vocal style.

7.Band Hero: Band Hero is a spinoff video game as a part of the Guitar Hero Series of Music rhythm Games, released by Activision in November 2009, for Play station 2, Play station 3, X Box 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS consoles. This karaoke game includes most famous artists like Taylor Swift, Jackson 5, and Lilly Allen.

You can be the part of this game where all the sensations of the world are present and can your own style of the band by different combinations of guitar, drums and vocal and enjoy.

So, here are some best X Box singing games of 2021.