All About Study in abroad

Studying abroad is everybody's dream, not only because of quality education but also for global exposure. Many think that studying abroad is hard but it is not. Here is a list to make your study abroad easier.


Studying abroad will give you a wider variety of courses to choose from. Certain programs also allow you to choose different courses at the same time. This will not only expand your knowledge but will also open up a world of new educational opportunities. Studying abroad will help you learn new approaches to handle different situations, manage time between your studies and part-time jobs and also manage your expenses. It will give you global exposure and also a lifetime experience along with quality education.


The first task is to choose your field of education. It basically means what you want to study. It can be MBBS or it can be engineering or it can be business administration or it can be arts, architecture, and design or social sciences, and humanities. Choosing what you want to study makes it easier for you to find your required college.


After choosing your field you need to choose where you want to study. It depends on lots of factors, such as climate, expanses, locality, college, language, culture, etc.


After choosing the destination you need to shortlist the universities you want to apply to. This is a very crucial step. This decision needs to be based on the academic and research opportunities in the department of your field of study, courses available, and fees.


Depending on the course and college you choose, you need to take a standardized test to get admission. The test and the score required differ from college to college. Some common tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or sometimes other language proficiency tests such as French, German, Chinese, etc. will also need to be taken if you wish to take admission in countries where your first language is not English.


After you get accepted by a college you need to apply for a student visa. It is basically a special endorsement added to a government passport issued to students enrolled at qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship.


Many universities provide scholarships based on merit. However different countries have different requirements for their scholarship program. The USA mainly focuses on extracurricular activities, so if you have participated in lots of extra activities in your school then getting a scholarship would be easier for you. Also, you may not get a full scholarship. Most of the time students get 20%, 40%, or 60% fee waiver.


You can easily get a part-time job while studying to manage your expenses. The work hours and the payment for students differs from country to country but it is enough to manage your living expenses.

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