Most of the users just search the content on a website and stick to the first page of the website, only a few moves to the second one to search the content. Besides, this fact most users always click on the first link on the website to search their respective content. So how a website is ranked and why the particular site always comes on top. We will talk deep about HOW TO IMPROVE WEBSITE RANKING in the following article.


The whole process of ranking a website is directly linked to respective rankings in SEO(search engine optimization). Now it comes to mind that what is SEO? So, SEO(search engine optimization) is the process by which your search is optimized and you see the respective results of your search.

Now we know what is website ranking, the next we have to know is how we can improve our website ranking. Let’s suppose a person made a website a day then he hosted it on google, but the website does not come on the first page of the search. Now the question arises that why is it so, or how can he resolve it.

-Always write the unique content optimized by SEO This will improve the search optimization and will result in an increment in the rank of the website.

-Improve the user experience Try to keep the simple and best interface of the sight so that the user visits, again and again to your website.

-Compress the images Always try to optimize the images which you upload on the sites so that the user did not experience a delay in browsing the site.

Use header tags Usage of header tags will improve the optimization of the search for the website.

-Local search Try to optimize your site for local search, as people search more for nearby content.

-Voice search If possible enable voice search on your website, this gives a better and easy experience while browsing your website.

-Relatable content If a person searches for something then SEO shows the relevant websites too, so try to expand your site content.

-Quality links Always have quality links on your website that bring a lot of traffic and not errors.

-Refer links The more there will be backlinks, the more traffic will come to your website.

-Consistency Try to be consistent with your website in posting new articles on a daily/weekly basis. This will also boost your rank.

-Filter Give an option of an advance filter to the user so that it will boost up the experience of the user with the website.

-Help & Support Give an option of help & support to the user so that if any bug, the user can get help from the website.

-Keyword Use semantic keyword research will boost your website link.

-Ultimate Quality Post the best and unique quality content, this is the best trick to attract all traffic to your website.

One should wait for some days, applying all the above points, the ranking of the website will boost up.