We all often hear or have seen magic shows, where the magician disappears his partner and then appears from a new place, but that magic is preplanned and just the eye trick with us. But what if, this will happen in the real world and not only with 1 person but with 239 human beings. It might be shocking to you but this happened on 8 March 2014.

- An Aircraft of Malaysia Airlines used to fly from Kuala Lumpur airport to the Beijing capital international airport.

The aircraft departure time was about 12:30 according to the local time zone. All the circumstances were usual. The weather was perfect, the aircraft did not have any technical issues for many years. Now it’s time for the departure of the aircraft BOEING777-200ER with 227 passengers and 12 crew members which included 2 pilots. As it was in the air everything was going usual and fine, but there was something else that was going to happen with that flight. The flight had enough fuel to arrive at its destination. Only after 38minutes of takeoff, the communication of the pilot had been broken it seems that the transmission was stopped by someone. Now the ATC(Air Traffic Control) was on alert, that 239 human beings maybe are at the edge of a big drastic crash. ATC tried, again and again, to get in contact with the aircraft, but always failed. As the aircraft was flying over the Andaman sea, Malaysia sent another aircraft in search of BOEING777 but again failure came into the hand.

Now the ATC was at high alert, all the people are thinking about the aircraft then slight good news came that the aircraft is showing its presence on the radar of the military.

After seeing the path of the aircraft ATC was shocked that the aircraft was going in the wrong direction. After some time it was seen that the aircraft passes nearly from Malaysia and took its path towards the Indian Ocean. Now the worst thing happened, the aircraft was disappeared from military radar too.

Now the last step which was left was to take help from satellite data to know the position of the aircraft. The satellite data were more terrifying, they say that the aircraft was continuously flown up to the last drop of fuel and according to the satellite the plane was lost nearby Australia’s great oceans.

Many countries tried to find the aircraft but not a single piece of evidence gave the proof of crash. After one year in July 2015, a piece of aircraft that was wing flaperon was found 4000km away from the search operation.

After that, many search operations were held in many ways like with the help of sonar underwater search, they tried to find the wreck of aircraft but nothing was found.

Now, someone objected that might be the aircraft was hijacked by any passenger or pilot itself, but again it was a baseless statement as all records were checked about the passenger and the crew members and no one found suspicious in that.

After long research, the case was shut, after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts of finding the aircraft.

Many people said that pilot turned the aircraft back for an emergency landing but not landing contradict it. #mysteriouse world

We have a myth in our mind that our science is soo much developed that everything is possible but there is still time to develop more to solve this kind of mystery.